Charles Akintola
Charles Akintola is an entrepreneur whose ventures, previously agricultural-based but more recently in the tech field, have taken him the length and breadth of sub-Saharan Africa.Charles has been quick to pick up on the region’s mobile revolution, and is a firm believer that M-commerce will dominate Africa’s payments landscape in years to come.

Addisu Debebe
Addisu Debebe is passionate about taking North African culture to the world, and is particularly interested in the growth of the region’s entrepreneurial sector. Having seen how his countrymen are increasingly identifying niche markets for themselves, the 36-year-old hopes to spread the word of their successes far and wide.

Grace Maxhegwane
A native of the rural Eastern Cape in South Africa, Grace has scaled numerous heights as an entrepreneur. Her ability to recognise talent in South Africa’s youth has made her sought-after as a consultant in a country that is continually seeking to improve employment equity.

Samantha Kuhn
Kenya-based Samantha Kuhn is an expert in sub-Saharan entrepreneurship, and is especially excited about the growth potential of countries within the region. Having obtained an MBA in South Africa, she understands exactly what is required to make an enterprise succeed, from leadership to marketing strategies.

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